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Development Consultants and Managers

Whether you are developing for residential, commercial, retail or industrial purposes, you need a collaborative team of experts. Stallion Property Group can effectively manage the process through each stage, ensuring the implementation of focused strategies to capitalise on the best return on your investment.

Greenoaks Luxury Apartments – Darling Point

Our Property Development & Project Management team incorporates due diligence through every stage to provide:

– Market research into macro & micro-economic factors

– Site identification and acquisition potential

– Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis

– An informed overview of local authority requirements & restrictions

– Preparation of initial concepts to illustrate the best possible outcome for the development and, ultimately, our clients

Our panel of experts include Town Planners; Architects; Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc. which is tailored to meet the site specific requirements.

Once the initial stage is completed, Stallion Property Group shifts to provide a range of services, including:

– Assistance in arranging necessary finance

– Negotiating acquisition

– Obtaining local authority Development Approvals

– Preparation of pre-sale and/or leasing campaigns

– Development and overseeing the design

– Provision of construction cost analysis

– Identification of the best delivery method for the project

– Assistance in the development of tender documentation, tender reviews and recommendations to appoint an appropriate construction entity

During the delivery stage of the works, Stallion Property Group continues to provide key solutions, including:

– Superintendency

– Cost Control

– Quality Control

– Maintenance of sales/leasing campaign

– Management of the defect liability period

– Assistance in the appointment of body corporate/management services

At Stallion Property Group, we make it our goal to leave no stone unturned. We do this to ensure that your development runs smoothly and effectively, resulting in a maximised return on investment.