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Stallion Realty provides real estate solutions for Developments, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail properties

Our primary focus is in delivering excellence


Through the combination of our Real Estate and Development Consultancy expertise, we are able to provide a high level of service for:

– Vendors – either individual or a collaborative group who are looking to maximise their return on potential development sites;

– Developers – looking for potential development sites to acquire.

Unlike other real estate agencies, development is in our DNA, so when its comes to maximising opportunities, we have the knowledge, understanding and expertise to deliver the results. Adding to this, is our team of experts including Town Planners, Architects; Engineers and Quantity Surveyors who will ensure your success.

Stallion Property Group|Stallion Realty is armed with Tier 1, 2 and 3 Developers, so when a site is presented to us, we are prepared to:

– Carry out an initial Due Diligence on the site including the determination of the highest and best use for the site;

– Conduct an initial Feasibility Analysis which in turn will determine the approximate sale cost of the site;

– Package the important information that Developers require; and

– Present the package to the Developers and answer any questions they may have.

Once the Developer has conducted their own investigations and has concluded that they want to purchase the site, we will then begin the process of facilitating the negotiations of both cost and terms.



Finding a new home, selling one or maybe even renovating or building, is not easy. That’s why we are here to help.

With our expertise in real estate, architectural design & construction, you’re sure to obtain the best solution to suite your lifestyle.

Our Services Include:

– Real Estate Sales

– Buyer’s Agent

– Property Management

– Staging

– Conveyancing

– Building Inspections

– Maintenance

For more information, visit our real estate website:


Just like a Buyers Agent, Stallion Realty represent businesses looking to lease space.

Our data base of Commercial, Retail and Industrial properties allows us to find the right space that will allow your business to flourish.

As your “Tenant Representative”, we focus on:

MARKET RESEARCH – Stallion Realty’s provision of market research is our point of difference. We pride ourselves on market expertise which sets us apart from our competitors. Our database and experience with recent deals, market incentives and competing stock is key to the success of our negotiations.

LEASE NEGOTIATIONS – With Stallion Realty’s qualified understanding of leases, market knowledge and strong negotiation skills, we are able to negotiate successful outcomes to benefit our clients.

SUBLEASING – At Stallion Realty we are able to provide a space plan for your office space. This will ensure that your floor space is being utilised effectively to maximise your return on investment. Should we find an opportunity to sublease some unused space we will engage our leasing expert for an effective leasing strategy.

OUTGOING AUDITS – Stallion Realty will audit your outgoings to ensure that you are not paying more than you should.

RENT REVIEWS – Stallion Realty’s market intelligence allows us to understand the current commercial property market. This is achieved through our use of market analysis reports cross checked with our research on the most recent deals for comparable properties.

LEASE TERMINATION – Stallion Realty provides advice for tenants looking to forgo on their lease, whether it requires negotiation directly with your landlord or involves discrepancies with your current lease.

MAKE GOOD NEGOTIATIONS – When it comes to your end-of-lease, Stallion Realty is able to provide the most cost-effective advice and solutions.

At Stallion Realty, we not only provide you with the right property space solution, we also provide you with a full turn-key solution. Our team is equipped to provide you with these additional services so that your experience is cost-effectively managed, delivered on time and ensures that your transition from the old to new property space is seamless.

Stallion Realty’s complete turn-key solutions include:


Finding the right space for you and negotiating the best deal.

Space Planning

Drawing up a simple floor plan to make sure that the property space suits you now and allows for future growth during the term of the lease.

Complete design

Providing architectural and interior design services to match your look & feel, ensuring that the design aligns with your investment.

Authority approvals

Managing and obtaining relevant approvals from both the landlord and council.


We provide project & construction management for the delivery of your property space. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to deliver a cost-effective solution so you don’t pay for unnecessary construction costs and builder mark-ups.


Stallion Realty provides relocation management services to ensure that your transition to the new property space is seamless.

Make good

Should the landlord require you to make good your vacating space, we are able to manage these works for you and ensure you only pay the minimal amount.